Travi$ Scott is known for going into the crowd and interacting with his most ardent fans, whom he refers to as his fellow ragers. During a concert in Toronto last night, he felt a particularly strong connection with one fan, a white adolescent male wearing glasses and a hat that matched the one that Scott had on. Scott locked eyes with the fan during a heated rendition of "3500" and invited him to help him sing the hook.

This might've been an awkward opportunity to some, but not this guy, as he followed Scott's lead and belted out, "Only trill n*ggas I know!" four times before Scott took back the mic and began the song's hook once more. Then again, after yelling, "Only real n*ggas keep you float," Scott put the spotlight back onto the same fan, who repeated his ode to "trill n*ggas" even more emphatically then before. 

The audience didn't seem to mind the fan's repeated use of the N-word and neither did Scott, who went on to express his belief that an inspiring moment had just transpired. "I love you too, motherfucker," said Scott to the lovestruck fan. "This shit make me wanna cry right now," continued the Rodeo rapper, "Cause a lot of years ago, a lot of years back, nobody ever wanted to see this happen. Nobody ever wanted to see me and you fuckin' with each other tonight in Toronto." 

So the love seems to be real. Does that mean the Caucasian Torontonian is forgiven for his rampant use of the racial slur? Sound off in the comments.