While we haven't gotten much new music from Justin Bieber recently, the pop star did give us some cheap slippers. Yesterday Bieber released his "Drewhouse" slippers to the world and they instantly sold out. Not surprising considering they only cost $5 USD and are attached to a mega star like Bieber.

Travis Scott, who collaborated with Bieber on the 2015 track "Maria I'm Drunk," took to the gram to flex his new slippers saying "Early morn thank u Peterson." It's clear the Astroworld rapper is a big fan of the inexpensive footwear. How could you not be? They look comfy, have a cute smiley face on the front, and won't break the bank. Not to mention we all know how much of a footwear aficionado La Flame is.

Drewhouse is attached to Bieber due to the fact many of his friends and collaborators work for the brand. Slippers aren't the only thing they'll be selling. Based on a recent post from Bieber on Instagram, there might be some jewelry on the way.

Are you feeling the new brand?