Travis Scott arguably has the most anticipated album of the year in Utopia, competing with Drake on whose release carries more hype among fans. While both albums will surely spend some time at the #1 position on the charts, Travis is looking poised to explore new sounds on his upcoming project, which he detailed during his latest interview. Admitting that he's been working with artists that he's never collaborated with in the past, Travis's Utopia rollout is seemingly beginning in a pretty unique way, with the rapper appearing to hand out chains to whoever works with him on the album.

Last month, Eliantte and Takashi Murakami confirmed that they worked with Travis Scott on some brand new chains. While the Murakami design was not commissioned by the artist himself, Travis was reported to have approached the jeweler with a project to ice out his squad with similar chains. In the last few weeks, we've seen a few artists, including Roddy Ricch and Young Thug, appear with the diamond-encrusted piece around their necks, which makes it seem as though La Flame is giving these to the people he works with on Utopia.

While that much isn't confirmed, Roddy and Travis have confirmed that they worked together on music and have a song coming soon. Young Thug is a frequent collaborator of Travis', popping up on the majority of his albums.

Do you think Utopia could be coming soon? Are you a fan of the Eliantte chains?