We keep wondering just how much bigger Verzuz can get. For an eventful that's hosted online, it's attracted millions of individuals during the pandemic. Rappers, singers, producers, and more have gathered together to celebrate their catalogs while fans attempt to figure out a winner. They've hosted some massive match-ups that some wouldn't have even expected to ever go down. Jeezy and Gucci Mane, for example. E-40 & Too Short. The R&B fans currently are revving up for Ashanti and Keyshia Cole to go up next. 

However, it seems that there's one match-up that nobody asked for that is being proposed -- Travis Scott & Future. Apparently, Timbaland's manager recently stated that the possibility of the two rappers facing off in the Verzuz arena. According to online rumors, it's something that's currently in the works and could happen in the near future. 

But when people thought about it a little further, no one really thought it was fair to Travis Scott. While he might be the biggest rapper on the planet right now, it's really hard to argue against Future's catalog. He has projects, both mixtapes and albums, that remain some of the most influential bodies of work of the past decade. Scott, once again, was the butt-end of the joke. Others simply suggested that the Super Slimey duo of Future and Young Thug would be a better line-up. Check out some of the reactions below.