Travis Scott is one of the biggest artists in the world right now and when it comes to his standing in the music industry, there is no doubt he has big things on the horizon. If you were listening to Kanye West's DONDA live stream on Thursday night, then you heard Travis on a song with Baby Keem. This track was easily the most complete song on the album, and fans are excited to get a proper version on streaming services.

In the meantime, Scott is working on his brand new album UTOPIA which could very well drop sometime this year. At this point, Travis fans have a lot to look forward to and it's expected that La Flame will deliver in a big way.

Travis Scott

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The New School

Scott's young fanbase is one of the more energetic ones in all of hip-hop and whenever he goes somewhere, you can be sure the supporters will follow suit. This is exactly what happened recently as Travis made his way to a local 7/11. In the video clip below, you can see that fans had the 7/11 packed and they were even crowded around outside just to get a glimpse of the artist, whose body was hanging out of the front door.

It was a pretty wild scene and it only speaks to Scott's stardom these days. Following the release of Astroworld, Scott became a global megastar and with another album coming down the pipeline, there is no doubt his profile will only continue to grow from here.