Even though 2019 hasn't ended yet, it's around this time every year that speculation surrounding the headlining act for Coachella begins to make waves. For the most part, the speculative reports are correct, although, like most things in life, it's subject to change.

US Magazine reports headliners for next year's Coachella to include Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, and Rage Against The Machine. The festival is set to take place the weekend of Friday, April 10, 2020, and again on the weekend of Friday, April 17th, 2020. Of course, none of these headliners are strangers to the festival. In fact, Rage Against The Machine were the headliners during Coachella's inaugural year in 1999. They later split but reunited again to perform at Coachella in 2007.

Travis Scott, of course, has previously performed at the festival. You might remember his 2017 performance where he pulled up on a giant mechanical bird. Quite on brand for Travis, if I do say so myself. Frank Ocean also performed at the festival in 2012. The thing is neither of them ever headlined the festival.

Perhaps this is a sign that Frank Ocean will be releasing some new music in 2020 especially with his newly announced deal with Warner Chappell. This could also mean that Travis Scott's follow-up to the critically acclaimed Astroworld is on the way. Either way, Coachella 2020 is looking like it's about to be lit.