Travis Scott fans rise up, as all signs point to him becoming a fully-immortalized Fortnite character when Season 2 of the popular battle royale lands in full. Though it's yet to be made official, a Fortnite data-miner and leaker by the name of Lucas7Yoshi unearthed several pieces of code indicating that Travis will play a major role in the upcoming drop. His findings point to both a skin and emote from the "Sicko Mode" rapper, along with several other pieces of La Flame's signature aesthetic. 

As of now, it's unclear whether Travis' inclusion is part of Epic Games' Icon series, which has already brought streamer Ninja, Marshello, and Major Lazer into the fold with various pieces of exclusive content. Should the data-mined information prove accurate, expect to see no shortage of Travis Scott avatars running amok and wreaking havoc -- conversely, haters should have a field day in sending the Astroworld's digital counterpart off to meet his maker. 

It's a logical move for Travis Scott, who previously partook in a record-breaking Fortnite stream alongsideDrake and the aforementioned Ninja. There's something to be said about a man who knows his audience. And while Epic Games have yet to officially comment on La Flame's inclusion, it wouldn't be the first time a data-miner has unearthed a developer's best-laid plans with startling accuracy. Are you excited for Fortnite's Season 2?

Travis Scott La Flame Fortnite

Ethan Miller/Getty Images