There are a lot of blessings coming Travis Scott's way these days. The 29-year-old rapper has been plotting many moves in recent times outside of the realm of music. Though he did just release his new single, "FRANCHISE" yesterday, he's done a lot more over the months. A Fornite concert that came with an exclusive merch drop. An exclusive collaboration with McDonald's. The list really goes on and on.

That being said, the rapper does reap the perks of his celebrity status. While everyone else will have to wait until November 12th to receive the PS5, Travis Scott took to the 'Gram to stunt on everyone with early access to the gaming console. He took a photo and shared it to his IG with the controller on his lap, revealing that he wasn't going to catch a wink of sleep.

"I will be playing until the sun up," he captioned the photo.

Now, it's unclear whether he got the console early or if he was allowed a quick test run but chances are, it's the former. It's Travis Scott, after all.

In related news, the rapper recently previewed a new collaboration with Jordan that many are hoping will be released soon. Check that out over here and keep our eyes peeled for more Travis Scott and PS5-related news.