Travis Scott got to celebrate his 29th birthday on Friday and for the most part, he was stationed up in Nassau, Bahamas where he got to spend some time on the beach. Scott was also seen riding jetskis and chilling on a yacht which is certainly a great way to spend your big day. Scott also received birthday wishes from numerous people in the hip-hop world and he also got some well wishes from the Kardashian and Jenner family.

According to TMZ, Scott came home from Nassau over the weekend and he made his first stop in Miami. It was here that Scott was seen on a massive private jet which he reportedly owns. Based on TMZ's report, this was actually bought last Christmas, and it costs an amount of money that none of us could truly fathom. For photos of the jet, you can check them out here.

Travis Scott

Rich Fury/Getty Images

This is a big-time for Scott who also released a brand new pair of shoes on Friday to coincide with his birthday. In addition to this, Scott is in the midst of recording a brand new album, which has many fans excited for what is to come.

If you're Scott, you truly can't help but feel like you are on top of the world right now.