There are few rap concerts as wild as a Travis Scott show. Sunday night's concert at NYC's Terminal 5 got truly chaotic. Fans leapt from the balconies, and at least one of them sustained serious injuries. 

The energy level in the packed three-story venue can be felt in the below clip of "Mamacita." 

The first balcony-jumper was encouraged by Travis, who put the spotlight on the male fan and said, "They gon' catch you, don't be scared." What a way to lead off "A Team." 

More teens decided to jump during "Portland." 

Then one daring fan made a plunge from the third balcony. The crowd below wasn't up to the task. One attendee said the jumper broke both of his legs. Whatever the extent of his injuries, he could barely manage to get up to receive one of Travis' rings, compensation for his attempted martyrdom. 

Another highlight was the surprise appearance of Playboi Carti, who performed his new hit "Magnolia" -- as he did the previous night with Pi'erre Bourne. 

[via XXL]