The death of George Floyd was the catalyst that launched the most recent onset of Black Lives Matter protests, but people have been advocating against police brutality and for social justice issues for many, many years. Because 2020 was already rocked with a pandemic, quarantine, and many other anomalies and tragedies, it feels as if the year is passing us by in surreal life. Celebrities have come forward to use their platforms as they vocalize support for the causes they stand by, no matter what their political leanings may be. Travis Scott has shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and he told The Face that he would do anything in his power to "help in any way."

In his cover feature interview, Travis Scott revealed that after he got to know officials in his hometown of Houston while planning his Astroworld Festival, he became more actively interested in politics. "We got a voice to try to make change," said the rapper. "People are listening, you know what I mean? And we want to try to make sure they understand that I’m a tool. Allow me to help in any way. Let me know where we got to go show up. It’s a big picture. It’s like a lot of groundwork we got to do.”

Scott also told the magazine, "You’re trying to get to a point where people are finally seeing the oppression that’s been happening and overlooked, and that we, as a culture, have been fighting through every day. I mean, look how many leaders we have in the Black community.” Check out a few stills from his photoshoot below.