Travis Scott discussed the tragedy which resulted in the deaths of eight fans at his Astroworld festival, in a video on his Instagram Stories, Saturday night. Scott says that he's working with the city of Houston, local police, and the fire department to figure out what went wrong.

As for why Scott didn't stop the show, he explained: "Any time I can make out anything that's going on, I stop the show and help them get the help they need. I could just never imagine the severity of the situation."

He continued: "We've been working closely with everyone to just try to get to the bottom of this. City of Houston, HPD, fire department -- you know, everyone to help us figure this out. If you have any information, please just contact your local authorities. Everybody, continue to just keep your prayers."

Travis Scott, Astroworld
Alex Bierens de Haan / Getty Images

The Houston rapper also said that his fans "mean the world" to him and Scott always wants them to have the best experience.

"I mean, I'm honestly just devastated and I could never imagine anything like this just happening," he added. "I'm gonna do everything I can to keep you guys updated and keep you guys informed on what's going on."

Check out Scott's video below.