Astroworld may be nearing us as all signs are pointing to Travis Scott being more prepared than ever to release his next album. It has been teased for years now with many of the Trav's fans waiting patiently for any news of the album's drop. Named after a closed amusement park in his beloved Houston, Astroworld's first single "Watch" released last week with Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert as featured guests. Speaking to Power 106 about the single, La Flame touched on the differences between his upcoming project and any of his albums in the past.

Breaking down the creation of "Watch" with hosts Justin Credible and DJ Sour Milk, Travis noted that the collaboration came together organically as Uzi and Ye both heard the track and wanted to hop on right away. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Trav's appearance was when he spoke about the long-awaited album, noting that it marks a progression in the rapper's life. "It's a different story," began Travis on how Astroworld will differ from Rodeo, saying, "I've been through so much different shit in my time. You know, I've seen so much different stuff now. It's just a different story I have to tell. It's kinda like a more personal album. I just want people to kind of get to know me and like really get to know the rage inside and really what's going on in my mental, like really what I be thinking."

From the sounds of it, "Watch" will not be fully representative of the complete sound we can expect on Astro as Cactus Jack may be getting a little bit more emotional on record following the birth of his daughter Stormi. We'll keep you posted on any news regarding Astroworld and Travis Scott.