As previously reported, Travis Scott was scheduled to perform two venues in one night with only minor detail: the gigs were booked about 1,500 miles apart. 

Saturday evening, Travis was set to appear onstage at the Myth nightclub in Minneapolis before he would be expected to hop on a private jet to get to a subsequent show in Las Vegas, and while we were rooting for Trav to pull it off, it turns out that a few mix-ups didn't make it so.

According to TMZ, managwes at Myth reported that promotors of the nightclub put a dent in the plans when a proper landing area for the rapper's private jet was not designated in Minneapolis, throwing the entire schedule off balance. Gucci Mane, who was also booked for the nightclub was still on schedule to perform while Travis had no choice but to move forward and head over to Sin City for his appearance at the Vegas Marquee Nightclub at 1:30 a.m.

It's a bit of bad news for fans awaiting La Flame back in Minneapolis. Refunds are reportedy being distributed, however. They'll likely get a chance to see Travis Scott some time in the near future, considering the recent rollout of his collaborative Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho effort alongside Quavo and the impending arrival of his solo AstroWorld album. Given his reputation as an entertainer who never lacks, as indicated by his ambitious plans Saturday night, fans across the globe will probably witness Cactus Jack live and in full effect on an inevitable tour run to support his full-length outings.