Travis Scott has earned a well-deserved reputation for one of hip-hop's most intense live performers. Sometimes, such great power can lead to some left turns, like the time a fan decided to leap off the balcony during a concert in New York; it did not end well. And while that particular fan may have left Travis Scott's show questioning his decisions, this video from one of Scott's recent performances shows a different sort of fan experience. During a set at The Observatory in California, Scott spied a young fan attempting to make his way to the stage. Travis proceeded to invite the boy on stage, where he was hilariously crowd-surfed toward the stage.

Once the kid arrives, Travis gives him some big praise. "You like one of the illest motherfuckers of all time, you know that right? He's gotta be like the youngest fan to ever do this right here," says Scott, before asking the fan if he has any requests. The kid picks "Goosebumps," and the two of them proceed to wild out on stage. It's a nice moment, and perhaps that kid has a role as a hype-man in his future. Clearly, Travis Scott is good with kids, which bodes well considering all the rumors of his impending fatherhood. 

Travis Scott seems poised for a big year in 2018, with his long-awaited Astroworld set to drop, as well as the fallout from his Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho album, which continues to do well.