There aren't a lot of things to hate on Canada for. The home of great healthcare coverage, genuinely friendly people, and Drake generally has a pretty good reputation, but as polite as its residents may be, anyone who lives there will tell you that Air Canada totally sucks.

Unfortunately, Travis Scott didn't get the memo, and his flight with Air Canada today seems to have ended with a theft. The rapper posted a few messages for the company on Instagram, suggesting that they stole jewelry from him, and that they were calling the cops. Judging by his reporting on the situation, it seems the clerk was actually calling the cops on HIM rather than whoever took his jewelry.

We may never get the whole story, but check out his posts below, including a hilarious request for Drizzy to buy the airline.

Update: Travis called DJ Whoo Kid shortly after the ordeal, revealing that his Cartier bracelet was lost on the flight. According to the rapper, the staff was not very helpful helping him find it, and he suspects the cleaning staff may have picked it up. Then again, he was gone off some Xans. 

He's also told his fans that if they badger Air Canada enough, he'll release some new music.

View the interview below.