Travis Scott's concerts can get pretty wild if you haven't noticed. The rapper constantly encourages his fans to mosh, crowd surf, stage dive and just rage during his sets. Unfortunately, this resulted in a severe injury for one of his fans. The rapper was sued by Kyle Green after the fan claimed that Scott incited mayhem during his concert in New York City which resulted in him allegedly getting shoved over the balcony and ultimately, causing him to be paralyzed. However, Scott is now accusing the security company that worked at the concert for the fan's injury.

According to The Blast, Travis Scott filed a counter-suit against the security company hired for the concert, The Bowery and Strike Protective Services. He claims that the securities recklessness and carelessness played a factor in Green becoming paralyzed from the severe injury that occurred at the NYC concert. Scott also placed the blame on Green as well. The Astroworld rapper claims the injuries Green sustained were his own fault due to the fact that he should've known the risks that came along with going to a Travis Scott concert.

Now, Travis Scott wants the case dismissed completely. He also makes is clear in the documents that he wants the security company and the venue to pay out the injured fan if he's awarded any damages from the lawsuit.