Travis Scott has been working on some flame-worthy music lately; we can tell as much from the various leaks, snippets and unfinished records that have been previewed in the last few months. We're still very excited to receive the official version of Travis' single with Young Thug and Quavo, "Pick Up The Phone," and perhaps it's arriving sooner than we think, now that Travis has confirmed his upcoming project titles. 

The rapper announced the title for his new album during a recent "ANTI" world tour stop. While so doing, he also confirmed his next project's title. It's been rumored that Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight is more than just a Travis Scott tweet and Quavo's song lyrics on "Pick Up The Phone." Indeed, Travis says his album titled Astroworld will follow Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight-- it's unclear if Birds In The Trap will also be a proper studio album (thus his sophomore) or else just a mixtape (making it his third).

"The name of my new album after Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight is now called Astroworld," he tells fans during the concert. Take a look at the Vine from the announcement below. We'll keep you posted once more details arrive.

UPDATE: Further footage from Travis Scott's performance in Houston last night shows the rapper hyping his new single, reportedly titled, "Pick Up The Phone," and hinted his new project is coming soon. "I'mma drop that song in like a couple weeks I swear," he said. "Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight is coming sooner than you motherfuckers can take a shit tonight". View the clip below.

[via HHNM]