Imagine going to class on a regular day and looking to your left, only to realize that freaking Travis Scott is sitting next to you. Many of us would try to contain our excitement. That situation could become a reality for anybody attending the prestigious Harvard University next year as La Flame has just told the world that he intends on heading back to school.

2018 has been a huge year in his career. Travis released his career-defining album Astroworld, went on tour to promote said project, had a baby, and did so much more. Many are thinking about what's coming up for him as he surely looks to continue his run as a megastar. Trav has already teased a Broadway-inspired album during his appearance on the Ellen Show but he also looks set on flexing his education at Harvard.

A few moments ago, the rapper informed his fans that he's in the process of filling out his application to become a student at the Ivy League establishment. He hasn't specified what he'll be studying but he's looking forward to the whole process, given the fact that he actually gets in. He may be Travis Scott but this is Harvard we're talking about... "I really am excited," wrote the "Sicko Mode" artist.