A few days ago, it was reported that Travis Scott was facing a lawsuit over canceling a headlining Coachella set. The suit was filed after Empire Music Venture accused Scott of bailing on his obligation to perform at the 2019 Rhyme, Wine & Brews Experience on Empire Polo Grounds, which happens to be located in the Coachella Valley. According to the initial suit, Scott and the manager of his company The Odd Group originally made a deal with Empire Music Ventures and received an initial deposit of $217,500. Unfortunately, the festival seemed to live and die by Scott's inclusion, and crumbled entirely upon his cancellation. 

Scott's team emphasized that they have never had any dealings with "The Empire Polo Grounds" to begin with, later claiming that the suit was baseless all-around. Still, it would appear that the two factions have come to an agreement. The Blast reports that Scott and his camp have returned the original deposit, with the case to be dismissed shortly after. Apparently, the person who booked Scott was not even his official booker, with the whole situation being chalked up to a case of "gun-jumping." 

As it happens, both parties will be walking away from the misunderstanding unscathed. Let there be a lesson here, to every would-be promoter. Cutting corners is never wise, and will often leave you high and dry in the process.