Kanye West has frequently referred to himself as a product guy over the past 10 years. Evidently, his protogé Travis Scott regards himself in the same way. He's been running rampant with major collaborations and sold-out merch drops that it seemed inevitable that he would one day link up with a fast-food chain. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As rumors floated around of Travis Scott partnering with McDonald's for some sort of partnership, a leaked memo obtained by Business Insider from US chief marketing officer Morgan Flatley appears to confirm the news. The rapper has reportedly inked an agreement with the fast-food chain that was apparently supposed to be announced next month. 

"From his impossible-to-get Nike sneaker line, to a cereal collab with General Mills that sold out in 30 seconds, to a record-setting virtual concert series inside Fortnite, Travis Scott is the definition of big in culture," Flatley wrote in the memo. Along with the fact that Travis Scott really is a fan of McDonald's, Flatley added this collaboration will spark excitement among their "youthful multicultural customers."

"He will resonate and spark excitement with our youthful multicultural customers, and has a few surprises to delight our crew and ensure they are part of the excitement," she continued in the memo. Apparently, the company was "starting to lose our younger African-American and multicultural consumers," according to an internal webcast from June.

"We need to make sure we are looking through the lens of our operators, our crew, and our people to better connect with African-American youth as we go forward," Flatley added. "Today is the beginning of that journey for us."

She concludes, "We can't wait to share more on our partnership with Travis and celebrate the news with our fans in early September."

Considering Travis Scott's merch has been selling out everytime a new capsule drops, McDonald's surely picked the right candidate to kick off their slew of celebrity partnerships.