Travis Scott shared adorable photographs of Stormi sporting his gear with her hair in his signature braids. In the photos shared on Instagram, Kylie Jenner and Travis' adorable daughter is repping her dad in a forest green Astroworld t-shirt. The famous toddler's look is complete with small chains and Travis Scott-style braids with white beads at the bottom. We all know Stormi loves Travis' music, with Kylie recently calling Stormi "a little rager," but now she really looks the part of a rager too. 


Scott captioned the first photograph with "Daddy's Hair" and the second with "Stormi's world." It must have been a trip for Travis to see his daughter dressed like him. It's true that when you have a child everything becomes about them, and Scott agrees that becoming a dad has changed him. In a recent article with GQ Germany Travis said, "fatherhood is the most impactful thing that ever happened to me." Word. 

Playing dress-up is fun for anyone, but dressing up like your dad who is a rockstar has got to be exciting for a child. Clearly Travis Scott was just as excited as Stormi was about the occasion and now Instagram is that much cuter for it.