Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been making headlines for the past year, but until now, we've seen relatively little of their dynamic. Now, thanks to a new feature with GQ, the pair are put under the spotlight like never before. 

The goal is simple. Travis must guess twenty-three questions pertaining to Kylie, and all things Kylie-adjacent. That includes, but is not limited to, their daughter Stormi, the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and of course, her myriad business endeavors. After all, one does not come close to billionaire status without making a few choice investments.

While Travis comes out swinging with the first, albeit easy question, he stumbles as early as question two. Upon being asked to name Kylie's four dogs, the Astroworld rapper comes through with a staggering one out of four. He does, however, prove quite knowledgeable about her body, a fact he emphasizes with an amusingly lewd victory dance. The game continues along these lines, but it's worth it for those interested in peeling back the enigma that is Travis Scott. Though their relationship has been widely publicized, this might be the closest they've come to sharing their dynamic as a couple. 

Near the end, Kylie asks which one of them came up with the name Stormi. Travis, with a notable sense of pride, takes full credit on that account. It's too bad she didn't flip the script and ask him when Astroworld is dropping, but some things are better kept as surprises. For much more of the Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner union, be sure to peep the whole video, courtesy of GQ.