For a minute, it seemed as though Travis Scott had gone and copped some matching ink with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. There was a station set up at his gas station-themed birthday party this week for people to get tattooed by the world-famous Jonboy and both of Stormi's parents were seen getting inked up. It turns out that instead of getting a piece with Kylie, he dedicated one to his close friend, idol and collaborator Kid Cudi.

Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

With enough cannabis edibles for everybody to enjoy, Travis Scott's birthday party was a sight to behold and everybody's decision-making abilities were a little impaired. With that said, Kid Cudi and Travis decided to get matching tattoos to solidify their status as best friends. For the remainder of their lives, all they have to do to remember that they're hardcore ragers is look down at their hands. It's inked right there in red and it's pretty hard to miss. 

La Flame's go-to photographer shared a photo of the tats that the rapper now shares with Scott Mescudi, who he actually modelled his stage name after. On both of their right hands, the word "Rager" appears as they cover their mouths in Trav's well-established pose. As noted by Complex, the two artists have collaborated many times over the years with Cudi basically being a shoo-in for any album Travis takes on in the future. Check out their matching ink below.