Travis Scott is fresh off of the release of his third album, Astroworld. Thusfar, it seems like most people can agree that this is one of his strongest bodies of work that he's put out in his career. While there's many incredible songs on the project, one song in particular is aiming to make a major debut on the Billboard Hot 100.

Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode" with Drake was an automatic highlight off of Astroworld and clearly, it seems to be the fan favorite. According to chartdata, Scott's "Sicko Mode" is expected to debut in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 next week. It's unsure where it'll land but it seems like its possible for it to get closer to the top five, if not in the top five. 

Travis Scott's Astroworld has been doing some pretty wild numbers since it dropped. Yesterday, it was revealed that the project had already gone gold. The project was initially projected to move anywhere between 300K to 400K album equivalent units on the first week but it's increased astronomically since then. The album is now expected to move anywhere between 450K to 500K units within the first week. Astroworld is also expected to dethrone Drake's five week reign atop the Billboard 200 with Scorpion.

It could be argued that Astroworld is Travis Scott's best project but it's clear that this is his most commercially successful project to date.