One year after their divorce was finalized, California man Kevin Crane has allegedly killed his ex-wife Parisa Siddiqi while at work. Crane is a self-described child star, claiming to have worked as an actor with Disney and Warner Brothers. The man had transitioned into a successful real estate broker in Beverly Hills, working with several rappers to close deals on their properties. The crime supposedly took place at Crane's ex-wife's place of employment at a shopping mall in Thousand Oaks, California. Before fatally shooting her, Crane turned the gun on himself to attempt suicide. He currently remains at a medical facility in critical condition.

Crane had notably worked with Big Sean and was in the process of speaking with Travis Scott for his residential requirements. The realtor facilitated a deal for Big Sean to purchase Gun N' Roses member Slash's former crib, in late 2017. 

It has been noted that before pulling a handgun on his ex-wife, Crane had been arguing with Siddiqi. The former couple had two children together, who are currently staying with family members, according to People. Police have not yet charged Crane with any crimes as they are waiting to see if he will survive his injuries.