Remember the mid-00's when Travis Barker gracefully became a household name in hip-hop? The famous Blink 182 drummer transitioned from rock star to hip-hop icon after laying down insane drum solos all over some of hip-hop's biggest records (not to mention going on tour with some of the biggest names in hip-hop). Unfortunately, Barker got caught up in an accident this past weekend that left his car totaled. 

Barker spoke with Us Weekly about the accident briefly this weekend. “I was on the way to my son’s basketball game and a school bus ran a stoplight and totaled my car," he stated. "It was pretty crazy. I’m really lucky everyone’s safe. Fortunately, there were no kids on the bus, just the bus driver. And my son and his best friend are all right. It was just more scary than anything.” It was originally reported that Barker would not be performing in Las Vegas this past weekend due to blood clots. Speaking on the canceled performance, Barker stated, “I’m as good as I can be. I’m just following the doctor’s orders. I actually had staph infection and a ton of blood clots, and I’ve just been in a recovery period. So I’m just waiting for everything. I see doctors weekly.”  We are glad he's recovering safely.