California band Echosmith has gotten a lot of attention in the past few days but it's been for the wrong reasons. Travis Barker's daughter, 13-year-old Alabama, put Echosmith's drummer, 20-year-old Graham Sierota, on blast for messaging her on numerous occasions over the years. She took to her Instagram Story to expose Sierota which has prompted her father to issue a statement regarding the Echosmith's drummer, "predatory behavior."

John Sciulli/Getty Images

"When I found out a 20 year old man was trying to get in touch with my 13 year old daughter by filling her Instagram messages with party invites and compliments I was disgusted," Barker told the Blast. "That’s predatory behavior and there is nothing cool, normal or ok about it at all."

The DMs from Sierota date back to at least 2016 when the drummer issued multiple messages simply reading, "Hi." Another one read, " "By the way I'm Graham from echosmith and I think ur beautiful." She was 10-years-old at that point. The most recent one that caught the attention of Travis was an invite from Graham to a BBQ he was hosting at his house. "Ur like 40," she replied. She posted the DMs on her story with a caption that read, "Hey guys! So once again I am bringing this to your attention because I'm a 13 year old girl and he is 21 / 20 super creepy."

There have reportedly been other people who've contacted Alabama claiming they've heard similar stories. "Graham has a history of contacting underage girls," a message read.

Graham issued a statement after being exposed. "I had invited Alabama to my parents’ big family BBQ along with many other people, and it wasn’t until she responded that I realized her age at which point I apologized to her," the statement read. "I’m really sorry and feel very badly about this. I didn’t realize she was a minor and assumed she was my age. I made a careless mistake and this is a big lesson for me. I would like to apologize again to Alabama, her dad Travis, and her family."