Drake's "In My Feelings" has been praised as the song of the summer, sparking a viral dance challenge and without a doubt helping to land him his 100th week on Billboard's Rhythmic Song Charts. Although Drizzy is getting major love for the track, it's TrapMoneyBenny who should be getting the true round of applause since he's the man who made the beat. 

The Cleveland-born homie isn't looking to be in the limelight and is enjoying his hidden success. Benny recently caught up with HYPEBEAST to talk how the beloved beat was made and how he got started in the industry. "Creating the beat for "In My Feelings" was just like a regular day going to the studio," he says in the video below. "For me, I just go in every day and try and reinvent my own self and I fell into a great opportunity and never looked back."

He explains how he sent Drake about 10 beats and then a few days later they just asked for the stems for what is now "In My Feelings." In the clip, he shows how it's really just two chords with some added melodies. 

Benny's music days began in high school, and he says his sounds are "very southern derived." Peep the full interview below to see what TrapMoneyBenny is all about.