With the NBA on an indefinite hiatus, it's safe to say that the vast majority of NBA stars have no idea what to do with themselves. In a way, it's actually quite sad as they wither away on their couches, trying to figure out how to play the guitar and in some cases, even chess. While this may be true, some players have gone a different route with their boredom. Some are trying to recreate basketball scenarios but with their everyday items.

One of the players doing this is Trae Young who took to Twitter last night with a genius re-creation of the NBA 3-Point contest. In the clip below, Young can be seen lining up balls of socks from different ranges. He then quickly throws them all into his laundry hamper as if he were at the All-Star Game. What's truly impressive is that he only missed one shot.

If this is what NBA players are resorting to not even a week into their quarantine, we can't image what's going to happen in just a couple of months from now. As a sports writer, this has got to be one of the most bizarre situations we've ever had to report on and as time goes by, it is bound to get a lot weirder for everyone.