The debate over LaMelo Ball's is a polarizing one at best. His detractors point to the youngest Ball's level of exertion, on and off the ball. LaMelo has also been criticized for his decision-making or lack thereof. On the brighter side of the debate, LaMelo is viewed as a freakish athlete, with incredible length, and plenty of room to fill out his chopstick figure.

Couple that with a Steph Curry-like shooting range, a deceptive first-step off the dribble, and a respectable finish around the rim, and you've got a bonafide, boom or bust lottery pick in the making.

The latest quote-unquote expert to enter in the debate was Trae Young, the gifted point guard of the Atlanta Hawks, himself regarded as a polarizing NBA prospect before he asserted himself down the stretch last season. Like LaMelo in 2020, Trae Young faced a certain degree coming out of college, concerning his physical frame and his adaptability at the next level.

When asked to compare LaMelo Ball to his closest competitors in the 2020 draft class, Young had the 17-year old rated amongst the first three picks of the upcoming draft. "I'm not a GM, I'm a player, so I don't know," Young said. "He'll be good in the league. If he's [pick No.] 1, 2, 3, regardless he'll be a good player." What do you make of Trae Young assessment? Is the 2019-2020 stretch time enough for LaMelo Ball to iron out the kinks in his game? Hit us up in the comments.