Trae Young is one of the best young players in the NBA and fans were curious as to how he would react in his first-ever NBA playoff series. Unsurprisingly, Young was phenomenal against the Knicks and seemingly made easy work out of them. While many pundits had the Knicks winning this series, it's clear that the Hawks were the more skilled team overall, even if their record was slightly lagging behind.

Last night, Young went off for 36 points in Game 5 which allowed his team to knock off the Knicks, once and for all. Now, Young and the Hawks will get to play against the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round, which should prove to be an incredibly tough challenge. As for the series against the Knicks, it was certainly a chippy one, and after Game 5, he trolled the Knicks a bit by saying "GOODNIGHT NEW YORK" on Twitter.

Young played the villain role perfectly throughout the series and he had every reason to, especially after a Knicks fan tried to spit on him. It was a disgusting act that certainly got Young motivated as he systematically dismantled the Knicks all series long.

While he might find it a bit harder against the 76ers, there is no denying that the Hawks have a bright future with Young at the helm.

Trae Youg

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images