The passing of George Floyd put a major spotlight on the injustices that have been going on across America, something Trae Tha Truth says Floyd would be proud of. George Floyd was known as Big Floyd, a member of Screwed Up Click. Several songs of his have made the rounds since his murder last week at the hands of former cop Derek Chauvin. 

Pitchfork recently spoke to Trae Tha Truth who developed a tight-knit relationship with Floyd over the last fifteen years. "He was definitely one of the most genuine, humblest people, man. Real, real big dude, but he also had a real, real big heart at the same time," Trae said. "He took a lot of the younger people from the hood under his wing and gave them knowledge."

He added that Floyd was always there to support him during any sort of endeavor in his career, even when it felt like the world turned on him.

Trae hosted a protest on Sunday but days prior, he was on the grounds of Minnesota demanding for change. " I wanted to shed light on the family and let them speak, so the world can feel them and understand that. And maybe even the [Minnesota] attorney general [Keith Ellison] can hear their plea, so he understands that you have to charge all of these people," he continued.

As the world collectively protests against these injustices, Trae was asked how he think George Floyd would react to "how much he's helped people wake up."

"I know he would be proud," Trae replied.

For information regarding how you can help, here's a list of petitions and fundraisers to help the families of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor.