A scary standoff between police and an armed intruder took place at a Trader Joe's location in Los Angeles, on Saturday. The suspect ran into the store and immediately barricaded himself with as many hostages as he could bunch together, causing a standoff that lasted a full three hours

The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that at least one woman was killed as the gunman exchanged fire with law enforcement. As of right now, it's unclear whether she was deliberately killed or a victim of "crossfire."

The suspect did not enter the premises hoping to come away with a bounty. In fact, he only entered the store because he was fleeing police who were chasing him down after receiving call for his apprehension. Apparently the gunman had fired a weapon on his grandmother, and was doing his best to avoid capture.

NBC has learned that at least one employee was instrumental in helping several hostages escape through the backroom. Sean Gerace, said employee, told reporters, "I grabbed an emergency ladder, barricaded the hallway, grabbed a weapon, put the ladder out the window, and just tried to get the attention of a SWAT officer." From there, several officers helped Gerace coordinate the evacuation process.

The suspect eventually cuffed himself and surrendered to authorities, where he awaits formal charges.