Tracy Morgan recently linked up with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club's NYC location for an all-new episode of "Sneaker Shopping," in which the comedic legend spoke about the strong connection between hip-hop and sneakers, growing up in Brooklyn, and Knicks-themed kicks.

During his visit to Flight Club, Tracy also recalled the time his Shell Tops were stolen from the local pool when he was a kid.

As legend has it...

"Somebody broke into my locker and took my Adidas. I was so upset, I was hurt. I was angry. I went back the next day like I was avenging my brother's death. And I had a good meal the night before. So I swam to the deep part of the pool, and I shitted right there in the pool. I'm shutting it down until I get my sneakers back. There was collard greens and corn floating all over the water and this Puerto Rican girl, I remember, was swimming under water and one of my shit logs hit her in the head."

Check out the full episode of "Sneaker Shopping" with Tracy Morgan below.