Appearing on "Conan," Tracy Morgan was able to make light of and shed light on the traumatic car accident he's recovered from. Conan brought up the Walmart driver, and Morgan asserted, "I forgave him, I can't be mad at him no more, but you know who is mad at him? All my white neighbors."

The comedian moved into a different neighborhood after the accident, and apparently the Caucasians in the area aren't fully pleased with having Morgan around. Morgan cracked a few more quality jokes about recovering from his coma-inducing accident, including one quip about how his grandmother is only concerned with Tracy getting an education, rather than if he's rich, famous, or even alive.

"Grandma, I made it! I'm alive!"

"Good - now you can go back, and get your GED."

To err is human; to forgive is divine. Watch the clip below. Great to have you back, Tracy.