Tracy Morgan is known for his outlandish brand of comedy. If you find yourself unsure whether you're laughing with him or at him, he's probably doing his job. Granted, the eccentric comedy of Tracy Morgan isn't for everyone, but there are many who brand the 30 Rock star a particular brand of genius. Now, with an anticipated return to television on the horizon, Morgan stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to discuss his new TBS series The Last OG, which premieres tonight

Throughout the interview, Morgan is in fine form, reminiscing on a recent foray to the cinema. "I went to see Black Panther," he reveals, to audience applause (they love all things Black Panther), "it was alright, but they stole that idea from me, cause I wrote this movie. They stole this idea from me." When Jimmy questions the claim, Morgan takes it one step further, and busts out a full-on cardboard cutout. "I wrote the Black Bobcat, man." While the Bobcat seems to bear a striking resemblance to Batman, perhaps Morgan's claim holds weight after all. "They stole my idea, and I want my money!" 

If you're wondering who might emerge from that fight victorious, the Bobcat boasts a considerable array of powers. "He loves to pounce," says Morgan. "He drinks a hell of a lot of milk. He can hear really good, and he sleeps twenty hours a day." When pressed about the extent of Bobcat's super-hearing, Morgan lists one crucial advantage. "He can hear things in porno that you can't hear." Plus, how many other superheroes have theme songs scored by The Roots?