It's no secret that the Golden State Warriors are an absolute powerhouse in the NBA. They have won three of the last four championships and with star players like Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson, they are heavy favorites to win it all again. Although, the team could be broken up if Durant chooses to become Free Agent in the offseason. On ESPN's The Jump, former NBA player Tracy McGrady said Durant going somewhere else would be a good thing.

"(That would be) great for the league," McGrady said. "Although I love seeing these guys play on the big stage every year, I think we just need some more parity. ... Kevin Durant just completely changed everything when he went there and made it not fair for the league."

McGrady also explained which team he'd like Durant to potentially move to.

"I would love for KD to spread the love around … so a team like the New York Knicks can come back in the fold and be competitive in the Eastern Conference," McGrady continued. "Like, how awesome would that be? KD joins another player or two and make New York exciting again."

The Warriors are first place in the Western Conference and have found their rhythm as of late after a questionable start to the year.