Carmelo Anthony's days in Houston appear to be numbered. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, there have been no ongoing discussions about Melo rejoining the Houston Rockets and his representatives spent Monday gathering information from NBA front offices about a potential landing spot for the 10-time All-Star forward.

If nothing materializes, there's always another option for the 34-year old veteran. Retirement. During Tuesday's taping of ESPN’s “The Jump,” Tracy McGrady explained that Anthony should "just go ahead and let it go."

“I honestly think Melo should retire. I really do,” McGrady said (H/T Yahoo Sports). “I don’t want him to go through another situation like this and people are just pouring negativity on this man’s legacy. I really think, because it hasn’t worked out the last two teams, you have a Hall of Fame career, just go ahead and let it go.”

Jason Terry had a different stance on the matter. In response to T-Mac's comments, Terry tweeted, "I don’t know about this advice. Retire because people pouring negativity. Sounds like a reason for you to keep going . ."

ESPN's Tim MacMahon notes that Carmelo's spot on the Rockets is likely to be filled by Gary Clark, an undrafted rookie out of Cincinnati.

"Anthony's spot on the roster is likely to be filled by signing undrafted rookie Gary Clark, currently on a two-way contract, for the minimum. Clark has become a favorite of D'Antoni, earning the bulk of the minutes that were expected to go to Anthony."

Anthony has missed the team's last three games and will likely miss his fourth straight when Houston hosts the Warriors on Thursday night.