With their highly anticipated debut album less than a month away, OVO duo Majid Jordan decided to roll out the pre-order purchase via iTunes & Amazon tonight at midnight, ultimately revealing its official tracklist in the process.

Laced with 12 tracks in total, the follow up to 2014’s debut EP, A Place Like This, will contain a lone feature from Drake, on “My Love,” and the previously heard single “Something About You.” It will also host today’s free pre-order release “King City” as well, which should be enough for you to want to purchase the album as is.

While we await the February 5 release date, check out the official tracklist (below) and the cover art in the gallery above.

1. “Learn From Each Other”
2. “Make It Work”
3. “My Love” (Feat. Drake)
4. “Small Talk”
5. “Pacifico”
6. “Shake Shake Shake”
7. “Love Is Always There”
8. “Warm”
9. “Something About You”
10. “Day And Night”
11. “King City”
12. “Every Step Every Way”