Our Track Breakdown series has been on a hiatus recently but we're bringing it back this afternoon for Visionary Music Group's newest signee QuESt and their in-house producer 6ix. We've been steadily rolling out cuts from QuESt's upcoming mixtape Searching Sylvan, and last week's record in particular stood out as one we needed the full story on.

For those who missed it, QuESt and 6ix teamed up for "Lost Niggas" last week, an intense record inspired by events surrounding QuESt. The haunting beat from 6ix is complimented by story-telling rhymes from QuESt, as he details how many street-oriented individuals live their lives. This is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to QuESt's Searching Sylvan project, and earlier this week, we received another piece, "Struggle Rapper."

The focus here is on "Lost Niggas" though. If you haven't heard the record yet, press play below, while you click through the galleries above to learn a little more about how it all came together.