If you're an A$AP Rocky fan then you've probably already seen his latest share on Instagram that shows off his collaboration with Calvin Klein. The "L$D" rapper is seen sitting on a yellow bicycle, showing off his Calvins in a cool, casual way. If you were hoping for a reaction from the rapper himself after dropping a line in his comment section then you'll need to get in line behind people such as Tracee Ellis Ross who dropped off a cute emoji and got a cute response. 

The Shade Room grabbed a screenshot of the interaction, that sparked A$AP to respond with a heart emoji - the warm embrace is real! 

Tracee has previously discussed her dating life in brief, explaining how she's "happily single."

"It's sort of fascinating to be 45 and single and childless,” she previously told In Style. “Happily single, I should add. Not at home crying about it.” 

She added: "These are very big and very personal questions that aren’t anyone’s business but that somehow, like the right to choose, become fodder for public conversation. Some of the ability to reflect on what I really want comes from pushing up against a society that shames me for not having the expected trappings. I’m very pleased with my existence these days. Have I had to learn to make friends with loneliness? Yes. I think if I were in a relationship, it would be the same.”