Toys "R" Us is another retail chain that is edging closer to foreclosure following some unfavourable business and loss of revenue. The retailer has not been able to sustain a healthy surplus in order to stay afloat, which is leading many of its American brick-and-mortar locations to seize operations and liquidate their stock.

Standard protocol in advance of a store permanently shutting its doors is to purge its inventory with deals and discounts that will lure in prospective customers as a final farewell. Luckily, Toys "R" Us' vast repertoire of products includes some Apple merchandise that will appeal to an older generation not typically serviced by the struggling retailer. 

People have taken to Reddit to share the discounts they've witnessed in-store, which included Apple TV 4Ks being marked down to $75 USD, as opposed to their standard $145 USD asking price. Furthermore, the since-discontinued iPod Nano has seen its price slashed to $54 USD.

The company's U.S. operations has recently filed a motion to liquidate its business, as these particularly favourable discounts only reinforces the chain's permanent eradication from the American consumer market.