At this point, anyone who grew up with Pixar's Toy Story series likely feels committed to see it through to the conclusion. While many thought that the third installment marked an end to the saga, fans were surprised when the studio pushed onward with a fourth film, which has already been hyped up by actor Tim Allen. Not long ago, the first official trailer dropped, offering a first look at new characters like the abomination Forky, a menacing band of Slappy-esquqe dummies, and an action hero variant of Woody's lost love Bo Peep. If you missed it, check it out below. 

While the first look was indeed extensive, some fans have been left wanting more. Luckily, the international trailer has arrived to placate the fiends. Look for additional footage of the aforementioned Forky, Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyears, and more. Look for the film to drop on June 21, and while it's never safe to call it quits where Toy Story is concerned, it wouldn't be surprising to see this one reach a conclusion of sorts. Are you excited for the new Toy Story flick?