Towanda Braxton may be a member of one of the most famous families in the world but it would appear as though she's not as financially responsible as she should be. The sister of Toni and Tamar has officially filed for bankruptcy and her bank account balance has become public information. It's also been revealed just how much money she owes one of her family members.

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According to The Blast, the reality star is being forced to pay thousands in debt, filing for bankruptcy and listing her liabilities at just about double the number she posted for her assets. Towanda has been on the Braxton Family Values cast with the rest of her sisters but it wouldn't appear as though she's collected much bank from the show. In fact, her checking account only has $150 in it right now and her savings account is completely drained. Towanda says that her monthly income is $4,692 but her monthly expenses are up over $6,000. As for the debt she laid out, court documents show that she owes her sister Tamar $35K, which was given to her as a personal loan.

The papers were filed earlier this month. Hopefully, Towanda is able to get her finances back in check. Today, it was revealed that Lauren Braxton, a member of their family, passed away at the extremely young age of 24

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