As an independent artist, Tory Lanez is enjoying his newfound freedom. He has continually been telling fans that his best music releases are incoming and, now that he's away from Interscope Records, he feels he can provide his longtime supporters with the quality they've been searching for.

For an upcoming music video, Tory raved about how much creativity he can exude in the production, taking to Instagram Stories to show off a preview of what's to come.

"Independent video budget different lmaooo," laughed the rapper. "I can do what I want lmao."

In the clip, which was uploaded to Instagram Stories, Tory Lanez is dressed up as Michael Jackson -- not a very convincing look, if I may add -- and pulls off some of the King of Pop's most famous euphemisms. Whether you find his impression amusing, hilarious, or straight-up terrifying, one thing is for sure: it's entertaining as hell.

Now that he's gone fully independent, Tory is free to do whatever the hell he pleases, which is a gift to the fans that have been waiting for this moment for years. He's got a full slate of releases coming up, including an anticipated album based on sounds of the 80s.

Tory Lanez
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Are you excited for Tory's Michael Jackson-inspired music video?