Tory Lanez has been hard at work of late. Though the man is generally working at a consistent pace, with two studio albums to look back on in 2018, it would appear that his recent output has not been living up to his own lofty standards. Of course, it's difficult to assess where his self-criticisms derive from, as Lanez has never put out anything truly egregious. Yet something has left him feeling the need to announce a "back to basics" return, with the implication being that he strayed too far from the path.

Taking to Instagram, Tory promised a pair of new records to come, including El Agua, and fan favorite mixtape The Chixtape 5. "All on the way," he writes, in the accompanying caption. "Less auto tune bull shit . More pain. And real ness. IM BACK." While there's a case to be made that he never left, it is true that some have missed the presence of "bar-spitting Tory," recently seen and celebrated during a recent tete-a-tete with Joyner Lucas. Perhaps we can expect something along those lines, given his open disavowal of "auto tune bull shit." Time will tell, and we look forward to seeing what Tory Lanez has been cooking up.