Tory Lanez Tackles Police Brutality In Powerful "Shooters" Video

Mitch Findlay
October 12, 2017 11:17

Tory Lanez opens the "Shooters" video with a haunting introduction.

Tory Lanez continues to deliver an effective rollout for his upcoming album Memories Don't Die, and his latest drop finds Tory tackling a heavy and powerful theme: police brutality. In the video's intro, Lanez pens a disclaimer of sorts, warning "I do not endorse any form of brutality. I do not feel like violence is the answer. However, in times of duress like we're experiencing now, as a community, I believe that it is our responsibility to share our fears and concerns so that we may learn to support each other better." It's a message that establishes a strong tone, and there's no doubt that violent imagery will inevitably follow. After all, the song is called "Shooters," and Tory pulls no punches in that regard. Still, it's more than simple gratuity - there is a message at the core.

The video's introduction kicks off a bleak narrative, as Tory and his homie enact cold-blooded revenge on the cop who shot Tory's cousin. It's a cinematic, visceral scene, and one that's sure to cause conflicting emotions. If revenge ever truly justified, or does it simply lead to an endless trail of bodies? As the proverb goes - "on the path to revenge, dig two graves." By the time the introduction is over, the dark tone is set, and we know we're going to be in for an evocative ride.

Once the song kicks in, Tory's vision takes off in another direction, bringing in some of the classic hip-hop video staples - foreign whips, hot girls smoking weed, and plenty of lavish, royal imagery. Still, the undercurrent of police brutality never truly departs, and although the video eventually strays from the narrative, Tory can rest assured that his point was soundly made.

Check out the "Shooters" video now, and stay tuned for Memories Don't Die, coming soon. 

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