A new episode of GQ's Insane Jewelry collection has arrived and it's with none other than Brampton's finest, Tory Lanez. The "Say It" rapper only pulled out a small glimpse of his collection, showcasing some memorable pieces he's pulled in over the years of his career. Tory's very first piece he acquired was a Jesus figure hanging gracefully on a chain that was throwing up gun figures. 

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

"The first time I ever did my Sway freestyle I was wearing that piece," Tory said, as seen in the clip below. The most impressive pieces in Tory's jewelry box are his rings, specifically his "wedding cake" ring that's flooded with different layers of diamonds. As for Tory's first big purchase, it came in the form of a weighted diamond crusted Cuban link worth a cool $175,000. "I honestly wear this one more than any of my other chains," Tory said. 

One of Tory's diamond pieces matches a tattoo on his left bicep of a morphed Blue Jay logo that's a shoutout to the city of Toronto. "When I got this I was like 'yo I want to make sure there's something that I can give back to the city,'" he explained. 

Watch the full clip below.