Some of the best things in life come in pairs: a pair of fresh sneakers, a pair of winning lottery tickets, but a pair of new girlfriends? Even if you have more than one boo, things like jealousy and deceit often gets in the way of that situation playing itself out in a harmonious fashion. However, that isn't the case for Tory Lanez. As he showed the world in a video that was uploaded to social media, he's doubling down on the whole girlfriend thing and it seems to be working out well for him.

The clip, filmed in a club where the threesome are enjoying what looks to be some nice hookah setups, shows Lanez flanked by two women on either side of him. One, a buxom blonde who takes a second to show off her well-endowed chest area, and the other a brunette who's a little less in focus but undoubtedly no less attractive than the first woman. "These are my two new girlfriends, ya heard? And it's real, I'm not joking, it's real," exclaimed Tory, clearly enjoying the carefree atmosphere that he found himself operating in. There's no indication as to who these women are or where he met them, but it's quite possible that it was a case of being in the right place at the right time for the "LUV" rapper.

While Tory may have been full of excitement about his new romantic endeavor, his fans are even more excited than that to hear his new music. When he spoke with us about his upcoming album, he said that a new release from him should be arriving in the near future. He's also gone on record as saying that there will be some huge features on the album, including Future, a project that he's definitely amped up about. Finally, there's the sense among his supporters that his next batch of material could be among his very best work, with a reported bounty of songs having been recorded for the process of making the LP.

Check out our full interview with Lanez, where he talks about the birth of his son and much more, below.